All About Football


For the love of football (birk), people have given their lives and others have lost large amounts of money while others have built careers out of it. Football is a game played on a football pitch with a total of twenty-two players and one referee. There are two teams on the pitch with eleven players on either side. Football is one of the most basic games that has its way back to the interiors of the village. Football is a game played by using the legs, head and at times the chest but should avoid contact with the hands.

Football is actually the most popular game on the planet and it has fans from all walks of life who support different teams in their different levels. Football is played in a couple of leagues and is managed by the FIFA federation which is the body in charge on football globally. They make sure that the game goes o and on and that it is not misappropriated and they are the administrative body that governs football. However, they work in conjunction with other bodies.

The FIFA federation is usually tasked with the duty of managing and planning major football leagues worldwide and also are tasked with the running of the FIFA world cup. The world cup is the biggest football �league’. This is a global competition where teams from all over the globe will meet in a given country and play to get the best team. The world cup matches are held after every four years and luckily there will be the world cup 2018, this year which will be held in Russia.

Football is played by both men and women but they never intermingle in the pitch as the ladies will have their own league while the men will be in their own different division. Football has been around since the 19th century and probably earlier before that. It is a ninety minutes match where the players will play for forty-five minutes per each half of the field where they later change sides. The scoreboard is recorded for every goal scored and the points are awarded on the one goal one point. However, at the end of the match, the winner is awarded three points which are added to the leaders’ board.

There are thousands and thousands of football teams around and the formation of a team will basically need the players, equipment and a coach after which you can register your club. A team consists of at least 16 players with eleven main players and five substitutes. However, during the game, it is only allowed for three substitutions per team. This means that the players have to be physically fit to make it to the end of the match. In case of a tie, extra time is awarded to both teams and in case that is not enough, the penalty kicks are offered as the final tiebreaker. This will always ensure there is a winner with no conflict. Football is played in seasons. This is at the specific time of the year when the league is held. This gives the team a challenge to be better during every season.(