Although there are many measures put in place to ensure environmental cleanliness is observed by everyone, almost 3709571592_cef2954b84_oeverybody has a desire to work or live in a clean environment. The most effective way to ensure you surrounding is clean is by collecting your waste in a known point. A dustbin is the most appropriate container for collecting waste. However, it is not ideal. Some wastes may be too large for the dustbin. Waste including malfunctioned ovens, card-boards and broken glasses may not be collected in a dustbin. This calls for a larger containers such as dumpsters. Buying and maintenance of a dumpster may prove too expensive and therefore, a more economical way of ensuring your environment is clean is renting a dumpster.


There are many companies that specialize in renting dumpsters to Long Island residents and business owners. Different dumpsters available for renting are given different names. The following are the available dumpsters:

1. Roadrunners: These are mobile dumpsters used during constructions. They are ideal for renting by contractors and residents whose houses are under construction. Roadrunners measure six cubic yards.

2. Toters: These are medium dumpsters. They are ideal for regular use by residents and small businesses. Their capacity is ninety five gallons.

3. Roll-off dumpsters: These are large dumpsters used in construction sites, large businesses, factories, and in major clean-outs. Their size ranges from ten to forty-five cubic yards and are ideal for contractors.
These dumpsters are emptied on a weekly basis by front-loading or rear-loading garbage trucks.

Long island dumpster rental is specially designed to collect household debris such as garbage, junk, garage and attic clean-ups and construction debris such as drywall, wood, flooring, and windows. Other junk including appliances (ovens, driers, refrigerators) may also be stored in these dumpsters as waste. Harsh debris such as asphalt, bricks, branches, soil, rocks and stones are also handled by the rented dumpsters.

5801519143_7125e70a72_bThe companies offering dumpsters for renting are only a call away. Their contacts are readily available from the yellow pages directories. It is worthy to note that most of the companies have created websites where their services are explained in detail. The cost of renting a dumpster varies according to the policies of the company. Most companies offer discounts hence renting in Long Island is relatively cheap and remarkably economical. There is also the option of renting a dumpster online. This entails a simple visitation to the company’s website and filling out a request form. A payment is afterwards made according to the company’s policy.

Apart from fair pricing, Long Island companies offer their dumpster renting services in a professional, customer friendly way. Some companies offer twenty four seven services and personalized services too.